Hagan helps good brands reach the right people and tell their stories. We work with mid-sized companies, global corporations, and nonprofits. User Experience (UX) is a key part in making sure all the dots connect.

User Experiences

  • Let’s assume we agree that it’s key to know your customers’s sequenced, nuanced experience with your brand and your products so that we can get smarter.
  • Next, it’s important to recognize that we are currently in a state of having so much data, we’re almost blinded by it.
  • We believe those who will accelerate in the field will look beyond operational data (o data) and learn from experience data (beliefs, intentions, what’s going to happen/is happening).
  • We identify what we and our clients can do differently to bring UX to the next level by finding the experience gap.
  • Our job is to help solve a problem by truly listening.
  • Everything is UX as Don Norman, Director of Design Lab at UCSD, said – “it’s the way you experience the world, it’s the way you experience your life, it’s the way you experience a service.”