We listen


“Hagan is an extension of our staff”
– is a compliment we receive from clients often.


Your brand’s digital presence encompasses a lot. Your website, social media, earned media, blog coverage, Google results, and ecommerce presence. It goes well beyond what you say about your brand – to what your customers, influencers, business partners, and competitors are saying about you.

We listen

We use social media and PR as tools to engage with your audience more effectively, to enhance the impact of your digital advertising, and to strengthen your brand position. We create and monitor engaging social media content which is fully integrated with digital ad campaigns, blogs, and landing pages for a seamless user experience.

This strategy also augments your customer service capabilities. We tune into and respond to consumer feedback on social channels, ecommerce sites, and more. In turn, this feeds our ongoing analysis and refinement of digital advertising.

Ready to talk about your goals? We are!